Virginia Employer Non-Compliance Alerts (VENCA)

An employer who regularly employs three or more part-time or full-time employees shall maintain a workers' compensation insurance policy pursuant to § 65.2-800, Code of Virginia..

The intent of this website is to give the public an opportunity to report an employer’s potential non-compliance of the insurance coverage requirements as set forth in the Virginia Workers' Compensation Act. To report an employer that you suspect is violating the workers’ compensation insurance coverage requirements, please click on the link below to create a confidential referral to a Virginia Workers’ Compensation Investigator. You do not have to provide your name or contact information to submit a referral.

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Are you aware of an employer misclassifying its employees?
Worker misclassification occurs when an employer improperly classifies a worker as an independent contractor instead of an employee. Misclassification affects injured workers, unemployment taxes, workers’ compensation insurance premiums, unemployment benefits, labor laws, and much more.

For additional information regarding employer misclassification, contact Department of Taxation at